Investing in Israeli Innovators
PropTech. CRETech. ConTech.

Pecan Ventures Investing in early-stage Israeli real estate tech startups and entrepreneurs

Our value for startups:

  • Deep knowledge of both: Technology and real estate.
  • Use our properties and our partners’ portfolio as a sandbox for product validation (Multifamily, Single family, student housing, and commercial).
  • Introduction to the top players in the USA market.

The time is now for market disruption

The monthly expenditure on housing and rent is the highest per capita in the U.S., more than double that of others such food, health, or vehicles.
Despite, the presence of Israeli companies in the field is marginal. It is time to change that reality and disrupt the RE US market.

Real Estate Technology

PropTech is a general term for all technologies and digital innovations that change the landscape of real estate.

The RE sector remains the largest asset class in the world

RE industry has been slow to adapt technology, leading to opportunities for market disruption

The RE boom and global environment (i.e. COVID, etc.) has opened new doors for innovation within the industry

Israeli R&D and high-tech talent and ecosystem have strong capabilities and it is the right time to distrupt the USA RE market

By 2025, over $200B will be deployed to PropTech*
*Source: The European Proptech Association

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Investment Criteria

What do you invest in?

Our focus is on early-stage technology businesses that serve the Real Estate and Construction industries – Property Technology. We take a very broad view of what is included in PropTech, but have a preference for software over hardware, recurring revenue, and enterprise over consumer.

At what stage do you invest?

We typically first invest in companies at early stage (pre-seed to Seed), and we have reserved half of our capital to participate in follow-on financing rounds so we can support our portfolio companies as they grow.

Check size?

Our typical check size is between $100k-$250k. 
Our follow-on financing rounds are around $1M

Any specific geographic focus?

We will invest in startups located in Israel only, and serving the US market. Although a portion of the company or team can be physically located in the US, we have a bias towards having the Founder and key personnel being based out of Israel so that we can collaborate in-person. We are building an ecosystem of PropTech entrepreneurs that will ultimately learn and grow from one another as we expand our footprint.


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